Most days it’s sunny in Playa del Carmen, but this day was special. It was cloudy and rainy.  I was comfortably sitting on the coach on the first floor, writing an article for my blog. The main door was opened, so I could feel the fresh air outside the house. Finally, the rain stopped.  I looked out in the yard. Perfect as always! Greenery everywhere, palm trees, grass and flowers. I walked out and stood for a while admiring all the plants and trees around. Suddenly the rose caught my attention. I noticed on her flowers little drops of water. They were so tiny that you couldn’t possible spot them from far away. You need to stand very close to see them. And so, I did. These tiny drops of water had a perfect round shape. 

“This natural perfection needs to be photographed!” I said myself. It could disappear any moment and so I quickly went to the house to pick up my photo camera with a macro lens. It took me time to find the right angle, to focus on something so fragile, that could vanish with the next blow of the wind.

When I saw photos, I took on my computer screen I was stunned! “How could be something so little, be so ideally beautiful?” Perfect round shape, that symbolizes the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Universe. Round sphere that was formed on this rose by the rain represents the infinite, wholeness, cyclic movement of the Universe, eternity. Circle has been used as a divine sign in many cultures throughout the human history. And I felt fascinated to notice that one of the most fundamental details of our world, like a drop of water, has a perfect round shape. Divine beauty symbolizing the harmony that is essential in the life cycle of everyone and everything in the Universe.

In the matter of Universe we, humans look the same…tiny and barely visible. And here on Planet Earth we are at the top of the evolution chain. Everything is relative. And everything that is created and controlled by mother nature is in balance.

In an hour after I finished taking photos, this pure, little drop disappeared, like it never existed. Vanished forever… Now it lives only on my photos.  Let’s prevent this from happening to us humans! Pollution and climate change will have tremendous effect on each of us, it will destroy our lives, homes and everything we are accustomed to, unless we start taking active actions Now.  

We have so many treasures on this Planet, our home. We have fresh air, oxygen, trees, flowers, animals, oceans and water. 
Like this drop of water is a part of something big, rain, water, so is every one of us part of planet earth. And we need to co-exist with every other living creature and not dominate.

It’s a reminder that in the Nature, even tiny detail is perfect!

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