Little in size, big in meaning. 

Every day you are run around, achieving your daily goals, and you don’t notice this cute, little macro world where everything is interconnected and every creature is also working as you do.  It’s just we all have different jobs. 

All the green plants produce oxygen, using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. Every day, as soon as the sun arises plants, trees, flowers start producing the air that you, me and all of us breath. They work for us, filtering and generating what every living being on Planet Earth needs – oxygen. These beautiful, precious hard workers inspire me and my macro photography art. 

For me macro photography is a chance to show obvious, but invisible beauty.
In nature everything is in balance and it took Earth 4,5 billion years of evolution to create this perfection. Every little detail, a drop of water, rose petals, a butterfly, a bee, and many others are irreplaceable part of the eco system. 

Nature is generous with us, just imagine all thousands and hundreds of living species that were born as a result of evolution. Nature in itself carries art, the art of diversity in balance. And as a macro photographer I love to dip into the macro world where I explore its vibrant peculiarity. If you look close enough you will see that every flower has its own character and it expresses its mood by following the vibrations of the wind. 

Macro photography has a big significance in the understanding of this world. With the help of macro lenses, we are able to see small world that is a big paradise full of abundance.  

macro photography drop of water rose
macro photo rose gentle pink color
macro photo leaves dark pink
macro photography black and white rose
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drops of water on flower
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red flower macro photography
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white flowers in black and white
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white orchid macro photo
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