Nature is creative, artistic, powerful, gorgeous and every part of its wholeness is in balance. That’s what I try to show with my sea and landscape photography. Since my childhood I loved nature and felt deep connection with it. 

I believe that to create art, you have to be in love with the object or subject that inspires you as an artist. In my case it’s nature. It’s magnificent beauty, it’s power to create beautiful things out of a single sell always leaves me curious. I never stop wondering what is out there behind the next step, what picture I can create by changing my perception, by looking at flowers, trees, sunsets from a different angle. Sea and landscape photography for me is a never-ending adventure. In nature nothing ever looks the same. Sometimes in a blink of an eye clouds look differently, effecting the light and overall view of a sunset or sunrise. That’s why whenever I am taking photos I am always concentrated and with my finger on a shutter button ready to capture another stunning revelation of Mother Nature. 

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world Riviera Maya coastline in Mexico. Miles of beaches, tropical nature, cenotes, abundant wildlife a combination that deserves to be called paradise on earth. Here I continue exploring natural wonders. Every time I am with my photo camera I look for something new, unexpected view of ordinary things… 

I am not a scientist, although I wish to learn more about nature on a professional level, and being a sea and landscape photographer gives me a lot opportunities to learn more about nature by observing it. 

Nature has feelings, its own mood and it expresses it differently. We humans smile, cry, shout, laugh expressing our feelings. Nature does it other way, her own way. Every sunset and sunrise is never the same, clouds are of different shape, wind change directions often, sometimes it’s raining and other day it’s sunny. Does it remind you of human emotions? I think this is her way of saying what and how she feels. 

Follow me on my journey and you will see beautiful sea and landscape photography.

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