I was surprised to find out that according to scientific researches out of 8.7 million species on Earth, 1-2 million are animals. “That’s a lot!” was my first though and the next question that appeared in my mind was: “How come that we humans haven’t seen even the major part of the animal world? Because that’s what another data from scientific research shows “…86% of all land species and 91% of all sea species have not yet been discovered”. So, this means I, as an animal photographer has photographed an extremely moderate number of animals, better to say a very tiny percentage.

Despite this fact, I feel happy and proud of being able to take photos of these absolutely gorgeous creatures. 

Every representative of animal world is beautiful in its own way.  And as every animal photographer knows you have to be very patient in order to capture their beauty with your photo camera. My guess is that you also have to be lucky to be at right place the right moment, when something peculiar happens in the life of animals. They definitely will not wait for us (photographers) posing the way we want, they live their lives, and we are just allowed to witness them, gently peeping with our telephoto lenses without disturbing them. Animals are also a significant and valuable part of our Planet Earth, our eco system, and we must respect their lives. 

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