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My name is Elena Fedorova. I am an artist-professional photographer.

landscape macro photographer

I fell in love with photography back in 2005, during my last year in University. I graduated with a Master Degree in Art and Culture. Since then many things had changed in my life, except one…I still love taking photos! And now I am doing it as a professional. I started learning photography by reading books and experimenting with my first pro photo camera Nikon D90. Every day off, I headed to the parks or streets of a big cosmopolitan city where I lived. I enjoyed observing the hectic life in the downtown, as well as listening to the nature’s sounds while walking in parks. And of course I loved taking photos of all the peculiar things that resonated with my values and my vision of life.
Since 2009 and until these days I have been working as a wedding, portrait and family lifestyle photographer. (My website is https://elena-fedorova.com/) In 2013 a real adventure happened in my life. I moved to Mexico to the sunny Caribbean coastline Riviera Maya. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the gorgeous tropical nature, beaches, cenotes and the Caribbean sea. And I decided to stay here and make it my permanent home. From the moment I arrived here I never stopped exploring the natural beauty of this coastline, which always fascinates me. Applying my knowledge in art and combining it with extended experience in photography, love for nature and observation I continued taking photos of nature, landscape, animals and especially macro world.

About my art and being an environmentalist.

I thought it is far away…rivers of plastic…pollution…Indonesia, China…here in my world everything is perfect…but a couple of years ago an alarming sign arrived…signal of something unpredictable, powerful and uncontrollable.

I didn’t know how bad our ocean, lakes, rivers, sea are polluted until 2015. Or maybe it’s better to say I knew about it, but I preferred not to pay much attention to this problem. That year in Mexican Caribbean, which includes world famous resorts like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, we  had the first massive seaweed invasion on the beaches. Back than most of us living here believed that it will pass, it’s just temporary. Some were saying it’s seasonal and it’s okay having sargassum on the beaches during late spring and summer.

Now it’s 2019, and sargassum seaweed is still present on most of the beaches. It amount increased in unbelievable high scale. Due to it’s presence many beaches are suffering severe erosions. Pure white sand that used to be the trademark of Caribbean beaches has partly turned into a mixture of seaweed and sand.

Every morning the workers at all inclusive resorts start their day by cleaning sargassum. In many resorts the cleaning last all day round. “Useless efforts, lost battle!” you hear people say all around internet, after travelling to Riviera Maya and witnessing on their own these beach clean ups. They clean it all day, go back home and next day in the morning they go to work to clean sargassum  because it’s back on the beaches.
Deja vu!

Sargassum is not to be blamed. It’s just the reaction of the ocean to a mistreatment from us humans. Scientist are still not sure about the main reason that caused such a spontaneous, fast bloom of Sargassum. There are 4 major theories: it’s happening as a result of the ocean pollution, including oil spill and it’s clean up, nutrients that constantly enter the ocean from Brazil, climate change and global warming. And now in the year 2019 most of the Caribbean coastal areas, are suffocating from the unstoppable arrival of Sargassum seaweed. Is there a solution? I would love to believe that Yes…Meantime while the scientist are working on it. There is something that can be done on a little scale by everyone who is interested in preserving mother nature for their kids, grand kids…

planet earth art

I was taught to believe that I can’t change the world. I still believe it, but with a little exception, I can change myself and my lifestyle. I can control what I buy, what I eat, drink, Think and Do. So these are first little steps that I decided to do:

– Cut on buying plastic, now every time I go out I take my bottle of water, already filled in at home; while shopping at grocery store I use my own handmade bags to carry fruits, vegetables and all the other products are packed in big bags.

– I made a commitment to buy less clothes, because textile production is one of the most toxic one, poisoning numerous rivers around the world.

– I don’t use a sunscreen lotion, because chemicals that are a prominent part of this product destroy the coral reefs which is a home for many marine species.

– I buy healthy food and love cooking at home. No cookies, chocolate, chips and other junk food. Reasonable and healthy consuming pays back. You want to know how? Try it!

– Every time I run in the morning, I carry with me a little bag and whenever I see plastic bottles/trash I collect it. Oh…noo it’s not mine, why should I care?! The trash I pick up is not mine, but trees, air, flowers, planet earth is my home, as well as yours.  And helping to maintain it clean is my way of saying thank you to Mother Nature. I am proud to call Earth my home. It’s beautiful, gorgeous and full of wonders.

For many years I was so trapped in my everyday duties, hustling to manage my life and business, that I completely lost connection with nature. While it desperately needed even little help…

With my art I focus to show the beauty that still remains alive. Something little, other wild which all together can be described as a supreme beauty of Nature. I hope my photo art will help to bring awareness of the real beauty we have on our planet earth. And that it needs to be preserved for next generations and for maintaining the biodiversity of our planet. Planet Earth can exist without humans, but we can’t live on other planets, this is our only home! And what do you do with your home? Exactly! You take care of it!

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